About me

I'm an artist based in Norfolk in the UK. I moved from Essex where I was born and grew up, married and raised a family with my husband. We decided in 2018 to make the move to our current home in the heart of rural Norfolk to a small village called Garboldisham. Here I have a wealth of beautiful landscapes on my doorstep. Although the past two years have kept us busy in dealing with the challenges of a 300 year old house, I have managed to create art in between painting walls and other related tasks. I started running art classes in our local village hall, picking up on teaching, as I’ve done for over 35 years. I have always felt a deep sense of satisfaction through helping others enjoy creating art in addition to making my own.
Me, sketching in Yorkshire
Me, sketching in Yorkshire
My aim when starting any new piece of artwork is to capture a moment in time that was special for me or captivated me in some way, that I felt moved to paint it.
Over recent months I have been concentrating on landscape art in a more contemporary and abstract style to my previous way of working and I find myself, recently in my studio, moving between one area set up with mixed media paintings to a separate area where I enjoy the different feel and flow of watercolour.
I no longer strive for the realism so much as the feeling, atmosphere and sense of history I want to relate to you, the viewer. I want you to feel something, even if it's a different 'something' to my own feelings; if it moves you in some way, then I will have accomplished what I set out to do.
To convey these feelings, I call upon over 35 years of experience of painting and teaching in different mediums and techniques and applying them either as a mixed media, via a build up of layers of colour, texture, quality of line and washes or directly in washes of watercolour alone.
Although based in Norfolk, which I consider a 'gentle' landscape with glorious big skies and one I love, I don't confine my art to it exclusively. On my travels around the UK over the years, there are many times my heart has skipped a beat looking at what stretched out before me and some of those experiences will be represented in my work.