About me

I'm an artist based in Norfolk in the UK. I originally lived Essex where I was born and grew up, married and raised a family with my husband. We decided in 2018 to make the move to Norfolk. Initially we lived in a 300 year old ex pub, but then decided to downsize and move to the village of Banham. We are surrounded by the beautiful Norfolk countryside, where the views stretch out for miles and are everchanging depending on the time of day and weather.
I continue to run art classes locally, as I have done over the past 40 years. I have always felt a deep sense of satisfaction through helping others enjoy creating art in addition to making my own.
Me, sketching in Yorkshire
Me, sketching in Yorkshire
My aim when starting any new piece of artwork is to build energy into it, with expressive mark making and building of layers. This generally culminates often in abstracted landscapes or seascapes, depending on what twists and turns the painting takes on it's journey.
I have spent many years painting in a realistic way, but this no longer satisfies my desire to convey emotion and excitement; those feelings I get when I see incredible skies and vistas, or more intricate smaller areas of light, colour and texture observed in the surface of rocks or stone. These feelings and memories are imprinted in my mind and sometimes recorded in sketches, or, more often in photographs.
To help me convey these feelings, I call upon over 40 years of experience of painting and teaching in different mediums and techniques and I am still constantly experimenting and learning new ways of applying them.
I also like to convey a sense of the ancient history of places, and this is starting to 'show up' more often in recent works.
Although based in Norfolk, which I consider a 'gentle' landscape with glorious big skies which I love, I don't confine my art to it exclusively. On my travels around the UK over the years, there are many times my heart has skipped a beat looking at what stretched out before me and some of those experiences will be represented in my work.