Advice on taking photos

In order for me to work accurately as possible from a photo, I need a good clear image taken at the same height level as your pet. If the commission is for a pet that is no longer with you or you have a particular favourite photo, then please supply this or a few of your best photos and I will advise if I am able to work from any of them.
I generally do 'head and shoulder' portraits, but this doesn't exclude whole body portraits.
Please 'pose' your pet as naturally as possible or take a photo when they are relaxing and not expecting a 'photo shoot'!
Ideally, don't take the photo in very strong sunlight that appears to eliminate lots of details on any side, although good lighting is essential, preferably from one direction. Avoid using a flash and creating the dreaded 'red eye' or green!
Photos taken when you are standing up and looking down at a sitting, standing or lying down pet, distort their proportions ie: the head may appear far too big in proportion to the body, so please avoid this.
Where possible, get down to their level (or with small pets, place them safely on a surface such as a table). Take a series of photos, usually with the head turned slightly away or slightly tilted making for interesting portraits; but ultimately go with something you are pleased with and has clear definition for me to work from.
Send your image(s) to me via the contact page and I will get back to you on whether I can work from them.